Bing is a quiet, cheerful and energetic three-year old black rabbit and the quietest born leader and the main protagonist of the series.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He wears a green t-shirt under red checked dungarees, black and white shoes that have orange undersides which have exclamation marks on. His dungarees have a massive orange button the front. He has green irises (coloured part of the eye). Bing's ears are very long, his 'knack' is flicking them so they make a popping noise. His catchphrases are “Hoppity, Hoppity, Hoppity... Vooooooshhhh!”, “Dop, dop, dop!” and “Hoop-dee-doo!” He likes to hum, whistle, pretend and do untroubling things.

more infoEdit

Friends and family

his guardian (possibly father) is an orange rabbit called Flop. He has two cousins, Coco and Charlie and an aunty called Mimi. his friends are Pando, Sula, Coco and Charlie. Sula seems to be his best friend.


It appears in all episodes with Flop


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