Bing - Meet Coco - CBeebies

Bing - Meet Coco - CBeebies

Coco is one of Bing's cousins (the other being her little brother, Charlie). Coco is a five-year old white rabbit, the eldest of the child characters, and enjoys playfully teasing Bing, or else telling him what to do.


Coco is a beige rabbit like her younger brother, Charlie, but taller. she wears pink converse like shoes with white toes and strings, white tights with black specks, a purple skirt, cardigan and hair tie, a white t-shirt with a ladybird on it and another hair tie that is pink.

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Friends and Family

her younger brother is Charlie, her carer (possibly mother) is Mimi. Bing (character) is her younger cousin, her uncle (probably) is Flop.

Family Edit


Unnamed Mother And Father

Ruby (Max and Ruby)

Twitchy (Hoodwinked!)

Baby Charlie