Bing - Meet Pando - CBeebies

Bing - Meet Pando - CBeebies



Pando is a quiet born three-year-old panda who is close friends with Bing, and lives next door to him. Pando is notably more eccentric than the other child characters, and enjoys beat-boxing, sometimes doing so on Whim.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Pando is a panda he wears a white t-shirt, black sneakers and underpants and yellow/orange shorts that for some reason he almost always takes off. He share his catchphrase “Hoop-dee-doo!” and hums, whistles pretends and do untroubling things just like Bing.

other infomationEdit

Friends and Family

his carer (possibly mother) is Padget, who runs a corner shop. he is friends with Bing (character) and Sula.